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I have closed the forums to new postings because there was not enough discussion, I answered nearly all the questions, and I no longer work on Kino. Please use the forums provided by your Linux distribution. Meanwhile, I will leave this open in read-only mode to serve as a knowledge base.

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What is the difference between type1 and type2 DV AVI f
AVI files may contain multiple streams. Typically, they include one video and one audio stream. The native DV stream format already includes the audio
ddennedySat Jul-06-02 07:39 AM
by ddennedy
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AVI files do not work
AVI files created on a Windows system can't be imported in Kino. AVI files created with Linux do not play on a Windows system.
SchirmacherMon Apr-01-02 05:07 PM
by Schirmacher
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linux1394 installation
How do I install linux1394?
SchirmacherSun Mar-31-02 02:13 PM
by Return Privacy
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I want to collect frequent asked questions and their answers in this forum. After we have a reasonable list of questions and answers, I want to conver
SchirmacherFri Mar-29-02 03:54 PM
by ravn
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