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I have closed the forums to new postings because there was not enough discussion, I answered nearly all the questions, and I no longer work on Kino. Please use the forums provided by your Linux distribution. Meanwhile, I will leave this open in read-only mode to serve as a knowledge base.

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Top Linux Digital Video dvgrab
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Extract specific data
Hi, for some private project i am trying to extract specific data of a dv stream for further processing. To be more specific: i dont need audio or
Simon (Guest)Mon Oct-24-05 04:16 AM
by ddennedy
18814 ---
Is the code to discard incomplete frames quite right?
I'm looking at (version 2.0). The condition on line 846 is met if the current frame is incomplete, or there have been incomplete frames sin
gromituk (Guest)Tue Sep-27-05 07:00 PM
by gromituk
38903 ---
Reporting dropped frames
I was wondering if dvgrab (in interactive mode) would report any dropped frames during capture? Also, did something happen to the forums? All the n
Jeffm (Guest)Wed Sep-07-05 08:01 AM
by Jeffm
18147 ---
:-) solution to.... error: You need libraw1394 0.9 or later to run dvgrab
Running a beta version of Redhat 9, had libraw1394 installed, but dvgrab would not ./configure Solut ion was I was missing libraw1394-devel-0.9 .0-8
mitchd123 (Guest)Fri Mar-28-03 01:42 PM08849 ---
dvgrab capture problems.
I have a dual 1ghz p3 with 600+mb ram 120gb hd with dma enabled. Running Redhat 8.0, trying to grab dv from my canon zr50. Im using dvgrab party and
makrez (Guest)Sat Mar-22-03 01:23 AM
by ddennedy
19342 ---
Problem in using --dv1394 option for dvgrab1.2
Hi I have installed the new linux kernel (2.4.20) with DV1394 support, and have compiled it as external module. I can load the modules by using
Dwipal Desai (Guest)Wed Mar-12-03 03:29 AM
by ddennedy
311036 ---
dvgrab and USB port
Does dvgrab only work with a IEEE1394 (Fire-Wire) or can it be used with a USB port as well. If not, can someone suggest a dv grabbing program that
CAMMS (Guest)Sat Mar-08-03 07:19 PM
by Dwipal Desai
114865 ---
High latency in playback for DVGrab 1.2
Hi ! I am using DVGrab + playdv for live playback from the camera to my computer screen. I am piping the output of DVGrab to PlayDV. Till no
Dwipal Desai (Guest)Sat Mar-08-03 07:27 AM
by Dwipal Desau
28426 ---
raw1394 - couldn't get handle: No such device.
Hi,all! i have just installed redhat8.0, it detected my ieee1394 card and installed driver(lsmod then can see ohci1394 and ieee1394), but when i type
os kernel (Guest)Sat Mar-08-03 01:33 AM
by assyrix
411830 ---
Extract Video from DV (No audio)
Hi What I want to do: --------------- -- I want craete VIDEO ONLY file which contains the raw data. I dont want any audio data in the file (So i c
Dwipal Desai (Guest)Thu Mar-06-03 05:59 AM
by Dwipal Desai
28372 ---
dvgrab 1.2 released
I have put together a new release of dvgrab. You can read all about it here: http://kino.s e/view/58/1/7/
ddennedySun Feb-23-03 12:55 PM08180 ---
Audio and video out of sync
Hi all, I use Sony TRV20, SuSE 8.1, dvgrab 1.1b2, belkin firewire card. I have a problem with audio. Audio is out of sync with video for about 3-4 s
Vlad (Guest)Tue Feb-18-03 07:41 AM
by ddennedy
312276 ---
Does anyone use dvgrab with Suse 8.1
I tried to use dvgrab with the original kernel of Suse 8.1 and later kernels from ub/people/mantel/nex t/RPM/, unfortunately there
AlbertSun Feb-16-03 02:44 PM
by Vlad
210166 ---
hardware/software requirement
I currently have a SONY DV camcorder with IEEE1394 and a DELL Inspiron 8000 with 700MHz Pentium III and IEEE1394. The SuSE 2.4.0 Linux was installed
learner (Guest)Tue Feb-11-03 04:45 PM
by Surekha Reddy
611378 ---
isochronous streaming out AV data from 1394 Device
Hi I am trying isochronous streaming out AV data from 1394 Device (SONY DCR--PC-115/PC120BT Camcorder) and displaying it on PC Screen. I guess i ca
Surekha Reddy (Guest)Tue Feb-11-03 04:43 PM07397 ---
audio block failure / faulty tapes ?
Hi Got a couple of DV tapes that I suspect to be faulty. They are copies and have been made through a computer I know nothing about (not mine).
EdouardCMon Feb-10-03 08:42 AM
by lucke
19858 ---
dvgrab do nothing
Hi, I'm starting user of Linux and I like it. I have problem with capturing video from my miniDV camera Panasonic by dvgrab. I was looking for the sam
Martin Ondrejka (Guest)Fri Jan-31-03 04:35 PM
by Martin Ondrejka
28969 ---
updating the recording time with milliseconds
could I please ask for some help a few years ago Arne has helped me to modify dvgrab (v0.82) to write the actual msec of each frame into the avifile
Jan Hemmi (Guest)Mon Jan-13-03 10:58 PM
by Jan Hemmi
08120 ---
You need raw1394 and csr headers to compile dvgrab
I have a working dvgrab 1.01 from Suse 8.1 and a kernel with the following options: # IEEE 1394 (FireWire) support (EXPERIMENTAL) # CON FIG_IEEE1394=y
AlbertThu Jan-09-03 12:38 PM
by Jeff
210070 ---
Arthur Peters has written some dv for Linux utilities, available as dv_utils-0.1.tar.gz from http://www.singingwi .php They includ
liontoothTue Jan-07-03 12:18 PM
by liontooth
410359 ---
dvgrab-1.1b2: format dv2
With dvgrab 1.01 from Suse 8.1 and format dv2 I could see the avi-file with mplayer or PowerDVD (Win). With dvgrab-1.1b2 it does not work. If I open t
AlbertMon Jan-06-03 09:14 PM
by Albert
08852 ---
dvgrab and the --frames switch
Guten Tag!! I want to save my videos on CD-ROMs. I've modified dvgrab to capture the specified number of --frames (5400 frames == 648MB), and then o
gordo (Guest)Sun Jan-05-03 05:32 AM
by ddennedy
28130 ---
dvgrab sampling problems?
Hello all, I'm experiencing a problem trying to edit video sampled using dvgrab. I run "dvgrab --autosplit --frames 1000 --format dv2 my_video", and
Dooglio (Guest)Fri Jan-03-03 02:37 AM
by Dooglio
07967 ---
dvgrab only captures at 352x240
I am using a Sony TR50 NTSC camera and when can successfully grab dv video from the camera, but the resolution is always 352x240. Does anyone have any
gowcher (Guest)Wed Jan-01-03 12:28 PM
by gowcher
27936 ---
Can't install dvgrab on RH8.0
Hi, I can't install dvgrab on RH8.0. # ./configure dvgrab .. checking for raw1394_new_handle in -lraw1394... no configure: error: You need libraw139
Jonas (Guest)Tue Dec-31-02 10:40 PM
by Jonas
38741 ---
Samsung SDC-80 works with kino, but not with dvgrab
Hi, My samsung sdc-80 works fine with kino, but not with dvgrab. Any ideas?
Jerry Normandin (Guest)Tue Dec-31-02 12:25 PM
by ddennedy
18512 ---
dvgrab and rwa1394
hi after installing dvgrab when running dvgrab i get couldn't get handel : no such device you haven't loaded the raw1394 modoule. what should i do? Th
Gil Katz (Guest)Sat Dec-28-02 10:38 PM
by Tha_Gamemaster
28395 ---
ieee1394 setup for dvgrab
Hello. I a newbie. I have this: Fujitsu laptop P2002 Crusoe 860Mhz 256 MB RAM Slackware 8.1 kernel 2.4.19 I got gscanbus working fine: it detects
Alex (Guest)Fri Dec-27-02 07:04 AM
by ddennedy
19838 ---
What to do to grab video from RH7.3?
I have read and tried "everything" from the posts here without any luck. Can someone please guide me to what I will need to grab with dvgrab. I start
Per (Guest)Tue Dec-24-02 11:27 AM
by Alex
38663 ---
playback of dv2 files
I have a Canon ZR40 and I can successfully (after setting my drive to DMA enabled) do a dvgrab from it with dvgrab --format dv2 with no dropped frames
Jason Douglas (Guest)Sun Dec-15-02 07:09 AM
by rockoo
49335 ---
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