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I have closed the forums to new postings because there was not enough discussion, I answered nearly all the questions, and I no longer work on Kino. Please use the forums provided by your Linux distribution. Meanwhile, I will leave this open in read-only mode to serve as a knowledge base.

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Top Linux Digital Video dvgrab
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garbled audio, bad vid quality
i have a p3-600 with 256mb of rambus. was running mandrake 8.1, but have upgraded all necessary components. i can grab video, but the sound quality
vance greenway (Guest)Fri Sep-22-06 03:17 AM
by paulnz
28828 ---
dvgrab: no camera detected
I just built this computer to do video editing and I have searched forum after forum to get a solution for this error. I am running Kubuntu 64 on a
bootdocTue Sep-05-06 06:59 PM
by bootdoc
510192 ---
Capture from two ADVC-110 at the same time.
Hi! I have a problem capturing from two advc-110 dv converter with dvgrab at the same time. I use Fedora Core 4 Linux updated to dvgrab 2.0. T
ngergelyWed Aug-23-06 07:16 PM
by ddennedy
19063 ---
posting problem
I seem to be having problems posting messages to this forum. I tried to post the "dvgrab: no camera detected" message this a.m. from my new computer
bootdocSun Aug-20-06 03:54 PM
by bootdoc
28989 ---
dvgrab 1.8 (2.0) problems with --format jpg
Hi First of all: dvgrab is coool :D Now lets go back to the issue of my visit on this forum :) Im trying to convert on the fly the DV to jpeg.
angelplWed Aug-16-06 06:53 AM
by ddennedy
49818 ---
sony dcr-trv280: no stream and dvgrab turns it off
dvgrab from cvs, fedora 6 test 1, ieee1394 port on radeon 8500dv. Set camcorder to PLAY. dvgrab --format raw july06_play Found AV/C devic
seandarcyWed Aug-16-06 06:50 AM
by ddennedy
717629 ---
Grabbing JPEG from live dv
I am trying to use a digital camcorder to capture live video and output it to a static .JPG file for a webcam/security camera type setup. Is this pos
Ryan Thiessen (Guest)Tue Jul-25-06 04:31 PM
by bootdoc
519262 ---
Error: no DV
I try to grab video from my camera, but i always get following message: ------------------ ------- # dvgrab test "" 0.00 MB 0 frames Capture Stop
vekotin (Guest)Sun Jul-16-06 08:10 PM
by bertra
816125 ---
smilutils problem?
The following is supposed to work, isn't it: smil2yuv video.smil | ffmpeg -i - -deinterlace -s 320x240 -b 500 -ab 64 It complain
jayFri Jul-14-06 09:30 AM
by ddennedy
18643 ---
dvgrab does not compile
If you can't compile dvgrab, you can still use the precompiled version which is available in all my tar files. Arne
SchirmacherSun Jul-02-06 10:30 AM
by MrAdamNichols
410002 ---
Problems in installing dvgrab
I was able to install and use dvgrab in Ubuntu-breezy. Now I have updated to Kubuntu-dapper and am not able to do this again. I have paged through loa
Lei (Guest)Mon Jun-26-06 07:07 AM
by ddennedy
111043 ---
Scripting dvgrab
Hi, I have about 100 minidv tapes that I am attempting to store with some reasonable order. I was thinking the best way to accomplish this would be to
hackerjosh (Guest)Mon Jun-26-06 06:47 AM
by ddennedy
18494 ---
ieee1394: where to download
dvgrab-1.8 seems to be dependent on ieee1394. However, I was not able to find this for download. Is it available somewhere, or have I misunderstood so
Lei (Guest)Mon Jun-26-06 06:42 AM
by ddennedy
18143 ---
Libdv lag??
using dvgrab-1.8, libraw-1.2.1, and libdv- Wh en I try ./dvgrab --format jpeg it will cause buffer underruns because the ExtractRGB call whi
Reed Wilson (Guest)Wed May-24-06 04:57 PM
by ddennedy
17643 ---
grabbing quicktime video
Hi ! I want to use dvgrab to capture video from a dv camcorder for processing in cinelerra. I use: dvgrab --format qt --autosplit test It sp
Karl K (Guest)Mon May-22-06 05:31 AM
by Karl
18332 ---
video stuttering
hey guys, I have a machine that have 2 HDTV tuners, Air2PC and FusionHDTV5Lite. It's a mythtv box. It can record 2 HD channels at the same time while
v1rtu0s1ty (Guest)Tue May-16-06 08:54 AM
by ddennedy
18621 ---
dvgrab error: no DV
I try to use dvgrab 2.0 and get the error: torsten@li nux:~/dvgrab-2.0> ./dvgrab --format raw test Found AV/C device with GUID 0x0800460104d28ca6
Torsten (Guest)Sat May-13-06 12:55 AM
by Torsten
38669 ---
picture quality
hey guys, I'm new on this forum. It's my first time last night to use dvgrab. Took me a while to make it work. It always said "no camera found". An
picture quality (Guest)Fri May-12-06 06:00 AM
by ddennedy
17549 ---
Extracting Video from AVI
I'm trying to get frames from the Camera with DVGrab, and have it pass the frames to another class which was previously written which does some conver
Robert Fisher (Guest)Fri May-12-06 05:59 AM
by ddennedy
28387 ---
How to read and rewrite DV files from camcorder?
Hello, is dvgrab the right tool to do what I describe below? If yes, how? If not, what is the right program? Thanks in advance, M. I have se
M. (Guest)Fri May-12-06 05:57 AM
by ddennedy
18256 ---
Analog pass through using camcorder
Hi, I am using a VHS VCR, connected into my sony camcoder via S-Video. Then camcorder is connected to PC via firewire. When I run dvgrab I get th
David (Guest)Sat Apr-29-06 07:12 PM09171 ---
How to dvgrab from 1394 and convert to DVD directly?
My target is to burn a DVD from the tape in my cam recoder. Can I simply pipeline the dvgrab output to some other tools to create the DVD mpeg fil
newcom514 (Guest)Wed Mar-15-06 04:06 PM
by ddennedy
19903 ---
Post-capture reinsertion of dropped frames?
Disclaimer: I'm anal about clarification, and somewhat new to this. Please forgive me if question is dumb. In good faith, I have attempted to read
Jeff Quinn (Guest)Thu Feb-23-06 06:24 AM
by ddennedy
18779 ---
dvgrab sometimes finds camera / sometimes not
hi there, i'm using dvgrab 1.7 apt-getted under ubuntu (5.10-breezy) trying to capture from a sony dcr-vx1000e. it basically works but not always.
Sven (Guest)Tue Feb-14-06 04:38 AM
by ddennedy
19145 ---
grabbing to ntfs error
hi there, i just tried to grab directly onto ntfs partition which i've mounted by ntfsmount (this utility make ntfs write acces on a partition in lin
rak (Guest)Mon Jan-16-06 08:07 AM
by rak
28707 ---
smil2wav error with dvgab --format raw
used dvgab -format raw to capture. Now i'm trying: smil2wav film.dv | mp2enc -o film.mp2 and I'm getting these messages: + smil2wav film
sean darcy (Guest)Mon Dec-26-05 03:00 AM
by ddennedy
49156 ---
dvgrab works with Sony DVMC but not Miglia Director's cut
I successfully use dvgrab on a Red Hat Linux machine capturing from analog camera with a Sony Digital Video Media Converter. Unfortunately the Sony is
Susanne M-D (Guest)Sat Nov-26-05 04:14 AM
by ddennedy
18945 ---
Grab audio only
Wouldn't it be a nice option if dvgrab were able to grab audio only ? Since dvgrab can write type 2 avi files it can extract audio from the dv strea
carla (Guest)Thu Nov-24-05 04:08 AM
by ddennedy
19108 ---
Dropped frames during capture - solved?
Hi all, just a report for people who may be having troubles with dropped frames on 2.6 kernels. Ever since updating my distro to one that is based
Lenbok (Guest)Fri Nov-11-05 09:39 AM
by ddennedy
19286 ---
Tip: when capturing for Premiere Pro 1.5
You will need to use dv2 format with OpenDML turned on. This confused me for a while since I'd done one-minute tests of each format on dvgrab to s
Jeffm (Guest)Fri Nov-11-05 02:17 AM08299 ---
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