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I have closed the forums to new postings because there was not enough discussion, I answered nearly all the questions, and I no longer work on Kino. Please use the forums provided by your Linux distribution. Meanwhile, I will leave this open in read-only mode to serve as a knowledge base.

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Top Linux Digital Video dvgrab
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dvgrab 2.0 camcorder control [View all]
I installed and fully updated Fedora Core 5 on my laptop: Toshiba Satellite M45-269 Pentium-M 740 1.73 GHz 2 MB L2 cache 533 MHz FSB
JJC (Guest)Fri Aug-15-08 05:07 PM
by JJC
3125485 ---
Grabbing JPEG from live dv
I am trying to use a digital camcorder to capture live video and output it to a static .JPG file for a webcam/security camera type setup. Is this pos
Ryan Thiessen (Guest)Tue Jul-25-06 04:31 PM
by bootdoc
519301 ---
Pipe to V4L loopback?
Does anyone know a way to use the V4L loopback driver to convert my camcorder videos into a V4L device? I hear that there is some code to do this w
krushiaMon Feb-11-08 03:46 PM
by wolfgang
1018522 ---
dvgrab 2.0 freezes after about 1 minute of running
Hello, I need your help. Dvgrab freezes after about 1 minute of running. I have the same freeze if I use "dvgrab -i" or "dvgrab capture-". Here
libresurfSun Mar-16-08 02:15 PM
by libresurf
1617886 ---
sony dcr-trv280: no stream and dvgrab turns it off
dvgrab from cvs, fedora 6 test 1, ieee1394 port on radeon 8500dv. Set camcorder to PLAY. dvgrab --format raw july06_play Found AV/C devic
seandarcyWed Aug-16-06 06:50 AM
by ddennedy
717666 ---
dvgrab 3.0, HDV from Canon HV20, weird output
Hi all, First, thanks for dvgrab, an excellent tool. I used it as follows for capturing HDV stream from my Canon HV20 : dvgrab --autosplit --form
samuelSun Sep-07-08 06:56 PM
by ddennedy
316259 ---
Error: no DV
I try to grab video from my camera, but i always get following message: ------------------ ------- # dvgrab test "" 0.00 MB 0 frames Capture Stop
vekotin (Guest)Sun Jul-16-06 08:10 PM
by bertra
816183 ---
dvgrab 2.0 send oops and buffer underruns
In the past I've had success capturing from my DV camera using dvgrab with the following command line: dvgrab -i --format qt --size 0 Pressing
jwoitheTue Dec-19-06 07:50 PM
by ddennedy
615268 ---
dvgrab and USB port
Does dvgrab only work with a IEEE1394 (Fire-Wire) or can it be used with a USB port as well. If not, can someone suggest a dv grabbing program that
CAMMS (Guest)Sat Mar-08-03 07:19 PM
by Dwipal Desai
114865 ---
Newbie: results using Kino and dvgrab
First the hardware and software: Hollywood Dazzle (for Analog to DV) Canon ZR40 (for DV movies of the rugrat) --- Linux RH73 2.4.18-5 on Dell Inspiro
Stewart Allen (Guest)Fri Sep-20-02 05:22 PM
by lilo_booter
1614794 ---
dvgrab and Canopus ADVC-55
Hi, I am trying to get a capture from a Canopus ADVC-55 working; I have an analog camera connected to the Canopus and I would like to capture it's
nesciviMon Jul-13-09 06:36 AM
by sparks
314788 ---
dvgrab - dropped frames
Hi! I'm using dvgrab on a 2.4.13 kernel (AMD Athlon 600 MHz, 512 MB RAM, hda=20GB, hdb=40GB HD, with dma enabled and other hdparm tuneups as per earli
okramFri Mar-22-02 04:25 AM
by Dan Moore
1214633 ---
dvgrab --format raw disregards autosplit and timestamp
Support for the raw dv file format is increasing, and becoming more attractive for many purposes than the avi format. For instance, dv1394io will let
liontoothSun Nov-10-02 07:53 PM
by liontooth
1113916 ---
Firewire Samsung VP-D590i DV camera not detected
Hi all guys :-) , I have a problem with my Firewire Samsung VP-D590i DV camera. Using dvgrab my camera where not detected. I posted this message
merlosMon Dec-14-09 06:04 PM
by ddennedy
213888 ---
dvgrab from multiple camcoders in the same time
Hi! I have a Sony and a Canon camcoder, and I use dvgrab 1.7. Both camcoders are plugged in using firewire. How do I tell dvgrab to start grabbing
Peter Szabo (Guest)Sun Jun-14-09 07:08 AM
by anubis4d
613864 ---
Segmentation Fault
Hi, Im tring to capture DV with a Samsung scd103 with dvgrab and I keep getting a "Segmentation fault" error, this is what it outputs lxuser@li nux-
BlackroseSun Jul-12-09 10:31 PM
by ddennedy
213341 ---
dvgrab 3.5 configure error -- No package 'libraw1394' found
Ubuntu 9.04 If I do a 'find' it seems to find it OK: ----- find . -type f -name "libraw1394*" ./usr /lib/ .2.0 ./var/lib/dpkg /
taaSun Mar-28-10 04:59 AM013263 ---
dvgrab 3.0 and Canon HV20 working well together
Command used: dvgrab -f mpeg2/hdv -showstatus -a -timestamp work s very well, picture quality of that thing is amazing. A few capture er
yangThu Dec-06-07 03:37 PM
by egils
413076 ---
High-definition camera compatibility
I want to ask which high-definition cameras, either HDV or AVCHD, can be used for live video streaming using dvgrab. Does the Sony HDR-HC5/7/9 and the
mac-10Tue Sep-23-08 07:47 AM
by ddennedy
413018 ---
dv1394 testers needed
dv1394 is a new protocol driver now available in linux1394 CVS HEAD. dv1394 encapsulates and refines much of our accumulated knowledge about DV recept
ddennedySun Mar-17-02 06:45 AM
by Neologism
1912714 ---
dvgrab 1.01 dv2 audio bleeps
When I dvgrab a certain sequence from my dvcam the grabbed sound contains bleeps. I'v not yet found a way to play the sound directly from the avi-file
Peter Binderup (Guest)Fri May-31-02 04:29 PM
by Schirmacher
1612646 ---
Errors installing dvgrab 3.2
hi, I'm new to Linux and totally learning as I go, so hopefully this is easy... I am trying install the newest version of dvgrab. This is my first
markjwillWed Dec-17-08 05:29 PM
by markjwill
412604 ---
Help with installing dvgrab 2.0
Hi Everyone, I would like get some help on how to install dvgrab 3.0. This is what I typed in the terminal after getting some help on how to inst
samebchaseSun Sep-09-07 11:05 PM
by ddennedy
312565 ---
HDV capture
Hey Guys, I saw some posts around Christmas about integrating the HDV patch into the main dvgrab code. I guess it requires some architecture change
ekThu Mar-29-07 06:52 AM
by ddennedy
412389 ---
Audio and video out of sync
Hi all, I use Sony TRV20, SuSE 8.1, dvgrab 1.1b2, belkin firewire card. I have a problem with audio. Audio is out of sync with video for about 3-4 s
Vlad (Guest)Tue Feb-18-03 07:41 AM
by ddennedy
312276 ---
dvgrab in a script
I've written a bash script for capturing with dvgrab. I use it to capture 6 streams on one machine at a time. I've written a huge script that checks
markjwillSun May-10-09 07:00 AM
by ddennedy
111858 ---
dvgrab --stdin skips frames at random
I am using dvgrab version 2.1 on Slackware Linunx 12.1 Kernel 2.6.24. The video is normal dv (one frame 144000 bytes). When I copy a piece of
carla_schWed Aug-27-08 01:26 AM
by ddennedy
111850 ---
Problem with -autosplit and ffmpeg
I'm trying to use dvgrab (v. 3.1) to capture from a DV cam and convert it later with ffmpeg. It's almost working. Here's how I do it: dvgrab -tim
jochenWed Feb-13-08 08:50 AM
by ddennedy
311841 ---
raw1394 - couldn't get handle: No such device.
Hi,all! i have just installed redhat8.0, it detected my ieee1394 card and installed driver(lsmod then can see ohci1394 and ieee1394), but when i type
os kernel (Guest)Sat Mar-08-03 01:33 AM
by assyrix
411830 ---
grab 2nd stereo track in 12bit 32kHz mode...?
In found this post from 2002: http://www.kinodv.or g/dcforum/dcforum?az =show_topic&forum=10 2&topic_id=438&mesg_ id=438 I'm hoping things have imp
torpWed Dec-17-08 07:52 AM
by ddennedy
311797 ---
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