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I have closed the forums to new postings because there was not enough discussion, I answered nearly all the questions, and I no longer work on Kino. Please use the forums provided by your Linux distribution. Meanwhile, I will leave this open in read-only mode to serve as a knowledge base.

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Top Linux Digital Video dvgrab
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dvgrab 2.0 camcorder control [View all]
I installed and fully updated Fedora Core 5 on my laptop: Toshiba Satellite M45-269 Pentium-M 740 1.73 GHz 2 MB L2 cache 533 MHz FSB
JJC (Guest)Fri Aug-15-08 05:07 PM
by JJC
3125490 ---
dv1394 testers needed
dv1394 is a new protocol driver now available in linux1394 CVS HEAD. dv1394 encapsulates and refines much of our accumulated knowledge about DV recept
ddennedySun Mar-17-02 06:45 AM
by Neologism
1912715 ---
dvgrab 1.01 dv2 audio bleeps
When I dvgrab a certain sequence from my dvcam the grabbed sound contains bleeps. I'v not yet found a way to play the sound directly from the avi-file
Peter Binderup (Guest)Fri May-31-02 04:29 PM
by Schirmacher
1612649 ---
Newbie: results using Kino and dvgrab
First the hardware and software: Hollywood Dazzle (for Analog to DV) Canon ZR40 (for DV movies of the rugrat) --- Linux RH73 2.4.18-5 on Dell Inspiro
Stewart Allen (Guest)Fri Sep-20-02 05:22 PM
by lilo_booter
1614795 ---
dvgrab 2.0 freezes after about 1 minute of running
Hello, I need your help. Dvgrab freezes after about 1 minute of running. I have the same freeze if I use "dvgrab -i" or "dvgrab capture-". Here
libresurfSun Mar-16-08 02:15 PM
by libresurf
1617888 ---
dvgrab - dropped frames
Hi! I'm using dvgrab on a 2.4.13 kernel (AMD Athlon 600 MHz, 512 MB RAM, hda=20GB, hdb=40GB HD, with dma enabled and other hdparm tuneups as per earli
okramFri Mar-22-02 04:25 AM
by Dan Moore
1214635 ---
dvgrab --format raw disregards autosplit and timestamp
Support for the raw dv file format is increasing, and becoming more attractive for many purposes than the avi format. For instance, dv1394io will let
liontoothSun Nov-10-02 07:53 PM
by liontooth
1113919 ---
ieee1394 driver received an incomplete frame
I'm using a system I haven't tried before with dvgrab: An Allwell STB1030N Set-Top Box running 2.4.18-rc4. After a few seconds of recording, I get l
Neologism (Guest)Sun Mar-17-02 07:07 AM
by Neologism
1011126 ---
Pipe to V4L loopback?
Does anyone know a way to use the V4L loopback driver to convert my camcorder videos into a V4L device? I hear that there is some code to do this w
krushiaMon Feb-11-08 03:46 PM
by wolfgang
1018526 ---
dvgrab cashing?
here is the system: Dual PIII 1Gz with 1Gb Ddr ram. Debian unstable 2.4.17 the app: I run dvgrab with output into 30 second files into vfat partitio
Tomas (Guest)Tue Apr-16-02 08:56 PM
by Schirmacher
910873 ---
Using Dvgrab AVI files in Digital Origin's EditDV?
I'm trying to use the AVI (I chose type-2) files that dvgrab produces with Digital Origin's EditDV. Using type-2 everything goes fine and loads and ed
Dammad (Guest)Wed Nov-14-01 12:47 PM
by Dan Dennedy
810639 ---
dv1394 updates
I just updated dv1394 in the linux1394 CVS to bring it functionally complete for release. This just expands the devfs and procfs entries to make it e
ddennedySat May-18-02 07:12 AM
by Mathias Sundman
89532 ---
frame drops
Hi all, I know, I know. The subject may have been raised many times but a problem is a problem. I have looked through and scoured the forum for a so
fredwWed Nov-20-02 11:24 PM
by ddennedy
810226 ---
Error: no DV
I try to grab video from my camera, but i always get following message: ------------------ ------- # dvgrab test "" 0.00 MB 0 frames Capture Stop
vekotin (Guest)Sun Jul-16-06 08:10 PM
by bertra
816183 ---
Using DV for data backup
I was thinking of using my miniDV camcorder as a backup device. After all, it stores information digitally, probably gets about 18 Gb in long play mod
Toby Corkindale (Guest)Tue Aug-14-01 12:35 AM
by Schirmacher
711235 ---
JVC DVL510U and WAY crappy videos
Okay... I orginially used dvgrab 0.99 and I just ugpraded to 1.0. It doesn't matter if I use Kino or just use dvgrab at the command line. When I dow
James (Guest)Thu Sep-06-07 10:08 AM
by ignacio_lp
711654 ---
Channel number/ recording from 2 decks
I would like to be able to simultaneously grab video from 2 decks. I have dvgrab working just fine for 1 input, and I can use gscanbus and dvcont to c
Rachel Bearon (Guest)Thu Sep-05-02 03:44 AM
by ddennedy
710100 ---
Can't grab !
Like other people in this forum, I'm trying to grab some frames with dvgrab, and the software makes a Segmentation Fault. I'm using a Sony DCR-TRV110,
Miguel Galves (Guest)Thu Aug-15-02 02:14 AM
by madsdyd
710411 ---
sony dcr-trv280: no stream and dvgrab turns it off
dvgrab from cvs, fedora 6 test 1, ieee1394 port on radeon 8500dv. Set camcorder to PLAY. dvgrab --format raw july06_play Found AV/C devic
seandarcyWed Aug-16-06 06:50 AM
by ddennedy
717667 ---
cannot compile dvgrab-3.0 source
compile of the C++ is fine, linking raises an error g++ -D_REENTRANT -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS= 64 -g -O2 -o dvgrab avi.o dvframe.o dvgrab.o error.o f
yangTue Nov-13-07 07:45 AM
by ddennedy
711396 ---
I can grab Videos - What can I do with them?
Now I can grap Videos from my Sony DCR PC-100 Videocamera. Wonderful! Thank you. But next! I have been looking for Tools all night long... I'd like t
Marc (Guest)Wed Oct-24-01 12:56 PM
by Jay Roplekar
69622 ---
dvgrab-0.84 dv2 audio problems
i am having problems capturing dv2 audio properly with dvgrab-0.84 (and 2.2.16). dv1 is working fine, but dv2 audio sounds corrupted and broken. has a
jaijeet roychowdhury (Guest)Mon Sep-18-00 12:36 AM
by Schirmacher
611391 ---
where raw1394_get_handle?
Hello, can you help me? When I try to grab video program says: dvgrab: error while loading shared libraries: dvgrab: undefined symbol: raw1394_get_han
Batalov Grigory (Guest)Sat Aug-04-01 03:07 PM
by Batalov Grigory
69866 ---
hardware/software requirement
I currently have a SONY DV camcorder with IEEE1394 and a DELL Inspiron 8000 with 700MHz Pentium III and IEEE1394. The SuSE 2.4.0 Linux was installed
learner (Guest)Tue Feb-11-03 04:45 PM
by Surekha Reddy
611382 ---
dvgrab from multiple camcoders in the same time
Hi! I have a Sony and a Canon camcoder, and I use dvgrab 1.7. Both camcoders are plugged in using firewire. How do I tell dvgrab to start grabbing
Peter Szabo (Guest)Sun Jun-14-09 07:08 AM
by anubis4d
613864 ---
dvgrab 2.0 send oops and buffer underruns
In the past I've had success capturing from my DV camera using dvgrab with the following command line: dvgrab -i --format qt --size 0 Pressing
jwoitheTue Dec-19-06 07:50 PM
by ddennedy
615273 ---
Bug with dvgrab 3.0 and piping?
There seems to be a problem with dvgrab piping streams. Here's the command line I'm using: [code]dvgr ab -f dv2 - | vlc - -vvv :demux=rawdv --no
ScottFri Feb-01-08 04:28 PM
by Scott
610385 ---
How to avoid dropping frames
If dvgrab can't write its data to disk fast enough, it will display "X" characters to indicate missing frames. To avoid that, do one or both of two t
SchirmacherSat Feb-24-01 03:28 AM
by Peter Ellsiepen
510598 ---
dvgrab AVIs do not play under Windows or Linux
AVIs with Digital Video content need a codec which is not available in the standard Windows-95, -98 or -NT distribution. Therefore such AVI files (inc
SchirmacherWed Apr-04-01 01:19 AM
by Schirmacher
59864 ---
dvgrab and kino don't grab DV
I am trying to get my new JVC GR-DVL915U working with dvgrab and kino, and I am not having much success. I can sort of control the camera with gscanbu
Ujwal S. Sathyam (Guest)Mon Aug-06-01 11:45 AM
by Ujwal S. Sathyam
510561 ---
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