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I have closed the forums to new postings because there was not enough discussion, I answered nearly all the questions, and I no longer work on Kino. Please use the forums provided by your Linux distribution. Meanwhile, I will leave this open in read-only mode to serve as a knowledge base.

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Top Linux Digital Video dvgrab
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Problems with the SuSE 6.4 standard kernel
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON May-25-00 AT 04:20 PM (GMT)[/font][p]The ieee1394 subsystem provided with the latest SuSE 6.4 Distr
SchirmacherFri May-26-00 01:16 AM
by Schirmacher
08859 ---
How to avoid dropping frames
If dvgrab can't write its data to disk fast enough, it will display "X" characters to indicate missing frames. To avoid that, do one or both of two t
SchirmacherSat Feb-24-01 03:28 AM
by Peter Ellsiepen
510488 ---
dvgrab does not compile
If you can't compile dvgrab, you can still use the precompiled version which is available in all my tar files. Arne
SchirmacherSun Jul-02-06 10:30 AM
by MrAdamNichols
49968 ---
dvgrab AVIs do not play under Windows or Linux
AVIs with Digital Video content need a codec which is not available in the standard Windows-95, -98 or -NT distribution. Therefore such AVI files (inc
SchirmacherWed Apr-04-01 01:19 AM
by Schirmacher
59756 ---
Sony TRV520
Hi, Anyone have any luck "dvgrabbing" from a Sony TRV520? Runnin g $ dvgrab --format dv2 --frames 300 test stalls with no feedback status of an
Tim Metz (Guest)Sat Aug-05-00 02:02 PM
by Tim Metz
39673 ---
Using DV for data backup
I was thinking of using my miniDV camcorder as a backup device. After all, it stores information digitally, probably gets about 18 Gb in long play mod
Toby Corkindale (Guest)Tue Aug-14-01 12:35 AM
by Schirmacher
711126 ---
dvgrab hanging linux
I've had limited success with dvgrab. However, now I seem to be in a state where it will just completely hang linux. Here are some details: I'm usi
bpw (Guest)Fri Dec-01-00 01:19 PM
by beetung
19471 ---
Backup on DV-tapes
Hi, I found that interesting discussion about making back-ups on DV tapes... I've a DV board I found in the trash (???!) and I think it works correclt
Alessio Sangalli (Guest)Tue Jan-30-01 12:09 AM
by Alessio Sangalli
08304 ---
"driver received an incomplete frame" errors
I'm using dvgrab 0.99 with the RH 7.0, 2.2.16 kernel, latest ieee1394 source from CVS, ohci driver, and a Canon XL-1 (NTSC) camera, and I get the foll
Tim Shead (Guest)Mon Feb-19-01 08:06 PM
by Timothy M. Shead
29226 ---
dvgrab and Quicktime file format
When I looked through the source for dvgrab I noticed that there was an option for saving the date in Quicktime format which was commented out. Does
Christoph Scheurer (Guest)Thu Mar-22-01 12:38 AM
by Christoph Scheurer
09203 ---
dvgrab and Panasonic NV-DS15 Camcorder
Well i have a Centos 6500 1394 card which is the same as the EX-6500 card some other people are using. Plus i'm using a PAL Panasonic Camcorder. My
Steven Ellis (Guest)Wed May-23-01 03:18 PM
by Schirmacher
39979 ---
problem compiling dvgrab / trying to build a version to catch every second halfframe
I'm trying to build a dvgrab version, where only every second half frame will be catched. I therefore tried to compile dvgrab version 0.99 without su
Felix (Guest)Wed May-23-01 03:20 PM
by Schirmacher
18495 ---
Image artifacts in AVI files built with dvgrab
I had a go at grabbing some avi format 2 files off my camera which will play back fine under Windows 98. The only problem is the high number of artif
Steven Ellis (Guest)Fri Jun-15-01 06:22 PM
by Schirmacher
18178 ---
generating mov file
Are they a way to generate a mov for use in broadcast with dvgrab ?
philippe (Guest)Wed May-16-01 05:28 PM
by philippe
07695 ---
dvgrab stalls
Hello. I am trying to use dvgrab to capture some video from my sony vx200 camcorder. dvcont works wonderfully, but when I try to use dvgrab, it just
Pritpaul Mahal (Guest)Wed May-23-01 03:15 PM
by Schirmacher
38933 ---
I can grab Videos - What can I do with them?
Now I can grap Videos from my Sony DCR PC-100 Videocamera. Wonderful! Thank you. But next! I have been looking for Tools all night long... I'd like t
Marc (Guest)Wed Oct-24-01 12:56 PM
by Jay Roplekar
69551 ---
strange grabs ?
Hi ! I received my Pyro Basic today, and just managed to get everything compiled to get dvgrab running (not yet Kino, coz I can't make Debian package
Xavier Bestel (Guest)Tue Jun-05-01 05:22 AM
by Schirmacher
18341 ---
dvgrab: no capture
I cannot capture DV via dvgrab.  I can control my camera with gscanbus. When executing dvgrab and camera play, nothing happens until I turn off the ca
david begin (Guest)Fri Apr-06-01 01:27 AM
by david begin
08159 ---
raw1394 - couldn't get handle
dvgrab --frames 25 test says: raw1394 - couldn't get handle This error usually means that the ieee1394 driver is not loaded or that /dev/raw1394 does
Peter Eser (Guest)Sat Mar-10-01 04:08 AM
by Schirmacher
410944 ---
dvgrab can't find frame start when capturing raw format
Now that I've got dvgrab and kino working with AVI files, I'm trying to capture raw format data so I can fiddle with playdv and familiarize myself wit
Timothy M. Shead (Guest)Tue Jul-23-02 12:54 PM
by tshead
49404 ---
*received packet during reset* message
I'm *that* close to getting this thing to record some video for me. Unfortunately I keep getting that *received packet during reset; ignoring request
George Stubbs (Guest)Sat Dec-09-00 09:31 AM
by Jerome Mouton
49935 ---
Card info???
When I use ex. dvgrab party I get raw1394 - couldn't get card info: Invalid argument My card is a 3 port SIIG (TI based OCHI compatible) and it appe
Stig Nielsen (Guest)Tue Dec-05-00 03:34 PM
by Schirmacher
310362 ---
Compiled dvgrab 0.89, on Linux 2.4.0-test11 #5 SMP . Its grabbing quite well but freeze the whole linux box when I try to ^C from dvgrab. I discovere
beetung (Guest)Sun Dec-03-00 05:34 AM
by Schirmacher
29167 ---
can't grab
iee1394 detects the presence of the camera as does gscanbus. however when I run dvgrab nothing happens. [b]I am running[/b] Mandrake linux 7.2 2.4.0-
Johan Gielstra (Guest)Wed Nov-15-00 03:29 PM
by Schirmacher
19525 ---
Can't grab :-(
Hello, IEEE1394 seems to work (I can control the camera from gscanbus), but I cannot grab. After start of dvgrab I try to start and stop my camcord
Alex Penner (Guest)Wed Nov-08-00 03:23 AM
by Schirmacher
19958 ---
dvgrab-0.84 dv2 audio problems
i am having problems capturing dv2 audio properly with dvgrab-0.84 (and 2.2.16). dv1 is working fine, but dv2 audio sounds corrupted and broken. has a
jaijeet roychowdhury (Guest)Mon Sep-18-00 12:36 AM
by Schirmacher
611251 ---
dvgrab 0.86 segfault
dvgrab --format raw segfaults immediately in Reason is a duplicated declaration of g_frame in line 50 and 345. When you comment ou
Markus Nickels (Guest)Sun Aug-20-00 01:27 AM
by Schirmacher
19280 ---
problems at end of tape
If dvgrab gets to a blank section of the tape after the last recording, it will repeat the last recorded frame forever. Workaround : watch the recordi
SchirmacherThu Jul-06-00 07:55 AM
by Sean
19211 ---
the dvgrab forums have been merged
I have merged the two dvgrab discussion forums into one, since there wasn't that much difference between the two of them anyway. All messages were pr
SchirmacherFri Jun-15-01 06:15 PM
by Schirmacher
06711 ---
Sony DCR-PC5
Has anyone tried using dvgrab with the Sony DCR-PC5? I have one, and I'm wondering whether to try to hook it to my Linux or my Win2K machine.
Michael James (Guest)Thu Jul-12-01 04:55 AM
by Carsten
17107 ---
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