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I have closed the forums to new postings because there was not enough discussion, I answered nearly all the questions, and I no longer work on Kino. Please use the forums provided by your Linux distribution. Meanwhile, I will leave this open in read-only mode to serve as a knowledge base.

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Top Linux Digital Video dvgrab
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how to grab better frames ?
i have an video which is camera moving fast. i have digital sony handcam and i am grabing over creative audgy sound card firewire port. Grabed videos
6630Tue May-01-07 06:47 AM
by ddennedy
19440 ---
getting DVGRAB to work
Everytime I try to use DVGRAB. I get the error "dvgrab: error while loading shared libraries: cannot load shared object file: No suc
aaron (Guest)Mon Jul-16-01 09:12 PM
by Tad Richman
18509 ---
How to specify the amount of time to record
I've been experimenting with dvgrab, trying to work it into my Linux based video recorder box. Currently the box has a WinTV card and uses lavrec from
Aaron Newsome (Guest)Sat Feb-23-02 07:49 AM
by Aaron Newsome
39516 ---
Strange pauses in DV file
I have been doing some testing with dvgrab connected to a Canopus ADVC-100 and I am having a little trouble. For some strange reason, my DV files have
Aaron Newsome (Guest)Wed Feb-27-02 06:05 AM
by Aaron Newsome
19092 ---
rolling picture
Hi, I use latest cvs dvgrab and latest stable dvgrab on SUSE 8.0. It works, but the picture is rolling a little bit from top to down and than back. Bu
Aglef (Guest)Wed Aug-14-02 09:23 PM
by Aglef
08246 ---
No permission to grab as non-root (and I don't get sound)
I'm, a newbe and just an Linux Novice. I installed dvgrab on my Debian using apt-get. I can grab video from my Sony DCR-TRV12E, only as root.
agnarSat Oct-21-06 04:07 PM
by agnar
411058 ---
Grabing from USB
I can grab video from my Sony without sound via a firewire cable. (Could it be an error in the camera?) I also have a USB-cable, but how do go abo
agnarSun Oct-15-06 11:36 PM09597 ---
Pyro A/V Link and incomplete frames
Hi, I've got a Pyro A/V Link API 550 Rev C device that converts component video to firewire, so I use it to record Betamax and VHS. In Linux, it rec
ahzSat Nov-25-06 06:51 AM
by ddennedy
19556 ---
Grab with Kino it's ok non with Dvgrab
Hi guys , I'm trying to use dvgrab for grab form my jvc gr-d320e using linux , in particular debian and ubuntu 8.04. But I have some problems , becau
airtekTue Jun-10-08 03:40 PM
by airtek
19991 ---
How to use dvgrab in Stopmotion
Hi ! I'm looking for how (the command line) to use dvgrab (instead of vgrabbj) in Stopmotion. Has anyone already do this ? Or know what to do ? I f
AkeweaSat Dec-23-06 10:13 AM
by ddennedy
310939 ---
Does anyone use dvgrab with Suse 8.1
I tried to use dvgrab with the original kernel of Suse 8.1 and later kernels from ub/people/mantel/nex t/RPM/, unfortunately there
AlbertSun Feb-16-03 02:44 PM
by Vlad
210161 ---
You need raw1394 and csr headers to compile dvgrab
I have a working dvgrab 1.01 from Suse 8.1 and a kernel with the following options: # IEEE 1394 (FireWire) support (EXPERIMENTAL) # CON FIG_IEEE1394=y
AlbertThu Jan-09-03 12:38 PM
by Jeff
210062 ---
dvgrab-1.1b2: format dv2
With dvgrab 1.01 from Suse 8.1 and format dv2 I could see the avi-file with mplayer or PowerDVD (Win). With dvgrab-1.1b2 it does not work. If I open t
AlbertMon Jan-06-03 09:14 PM
by Albert
08852 ---
How hard to make dvgrab save as QT?
I have discussed this with a friend, but before going ahead and hacking it in: How much effort would be involved in hacking "dvgrab" to save data as
Alec Muffett (Guest)Thu Aug-09-01 01:39 AM
by Schirmacher
18412 ---
Backup on DV-tapes
Hi, I found that interesting discussion about making back-ups on DV tapes... I've a DV board I found in the trash (???!) and I think it works correclt
Alessio Sangalli (Guest)Tue Jan-30-01 12:09 AM
by Alessio Sangalli
08352 ---
ieee1394 setup for dvgrab
Hello. I a newbie. I have this: Fujitsu laptop P2002 Crusoe 860Mhz 256 MB RAM Slackware 8.1 kernel 2.4.19 I got gscanbus working fine: it detects
Alex (Guest)Fri Dec-27-02 07:04 AM
by ddennedy
19834 ---
programmatically extracting data from dvgrab
Hi there, I'm trying to get live video from a canon HV20 into a system my research group has written that does SLAM (simultaneous localization and
alexSun Dec-21-08 08:13 AM
by ddennedy
110783 ---
Can't grab :-(
Hello, IEEE1394 seems to work (I can control the camera from gscanbus), but I cannot grab. After start of dvgrab I try to start and stop my camcord
Alex Penner (Guest)Wed Nov-08-00 03:23 AM
by Schirmacher
110071 ---
dvgrab doing nothing with my JVC DVX7
Hello, Can anyone help me? When I try to grab some video from my JVC DVX7 camera with dvgrab I get no response what so ever. No file is created! Wit
Alexander (Guest)Sun Feb-10-02 11:50 PM
by Alexander
08549 ---
IR DMA error - packet too long for buffer
Hi, OS : opensuse 11.2 camera : sony HDR-HC7 dvgrab : 3.4 the modules loaded : lsmod | grep 1394 dv1394 23720 0 raw1394
alkhanMon Feb-01-10 07:37 AM
by ddennedy
110089 ---
Error: no DV
I run , dvgrab -format raw holiday , and i get "" 0.00 MB 0 frames Capture Stopped
allixSun Sep-24-06 07:37 AM
by ddennedy
19403 ---
dvgrab and audio too fast in dv2 mode
Hi Everyone, I have been able to successfully use dvgrab to transfer video/audio from a JVC-GR-DVL920U using "dvgrab --format dv1 example.avi". Thoug
Ameet (Guest)Wed Jun-12-02 07:54 PM
by Schirmacher
38897 ---
dvgrab 1.8 (2.0) problems with --format jpg
Hi First of all: dvgrab is coool :D Now lets go back to the issue of my visit on this forum :) Im trying to convert on the fly the DV to jpeg.
angelplWed Aug-16-06 06:53 AM
by ddennedy
49836 ---
Making a DVGRAB capture BOX
hi people, I want to make a PC that automatically starts/stop recording from DV, and Im actually working on bottons conected to lp1 port, Im plannin
anubis4dMon Dec-08-08 05:59 AM
by ddennedy
111428 ---
getting 360x480 instead of 720x480
I am running linux 2.4.17 with dvgrab using a sony trv103 NTSC. The capture works fine but I was wondering why I am only getting a 360x480 resolution
aris (Guest)Sat Mar-02-02 03:09 AM
by ddennedy
19108 ---
Error: frame dropped
Hi folks, I'm trying to capture video with dvgrab and i receive this error: zeus@venus :~$ sudo dvgrab party Password: "" : frame dropped: time
atorgazSun Mar-04-07 03:26 AM
by ddennedy
19778 ---
where raw1394_get_handle?
Hello, can you help me? When I try to grab video program says: dvgrab: error while loading shared libraries: dvgrab: undefined symbol: raw1394_get_han
Batalov Grigory (Guest)Sat Aug-04-01 03:07 PM
by Batalov Grigory
69851 ---
Compiled dvgrab 0.89, on Linux 2.4.0-test11 #5 SMP . Its grabbing quite well but freeze the whole linux box when I try to ^C from dvgrab. I discovere
beetung (Guest)Sun Dec-03-00 05:34 AM
by Schirmacher
29271 ---
increasing firewire transfer speed - possible?
Is there any way to speed up the transfer of video from the camera to the PC? The way I have it working now is running dvgrab while playing the video
ben williams (Guest)Thu Mar-28-02 07:11 AM
by ddennedy
18409 ---
Will my hardware work?
I have an ATI video card with svideo and rca type jacks inputs and a Panasonic PV-L759 vhs camcorder. Will this software do the trick? Thanks
Bill (Guest)Mon Jul-15-02 07:03 AM
by Bill
28717 ---
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