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I have closed the forums to new postings because there was not enough discussion, I answered nearly all the questions, and I no longer work on Kino. Please use the forums provided by your Linux distribution. Meanwhile, I will leave this open in read-only mode to serve as a knowledge base.

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adding timestamp as "sub-title" [View all]
Hi there, Can I add a timestamp to the video itself (not filename) while capturing using DVGrab or Kino? Thanks, Sh annon
xrfangSat Feb-09-08 09:19 AM
by ddennedy
3321794 ---
kernel 2.4.18-pre9-ac3 just stops recording [View all]
Hi ! I just want to ask what kind of problem can it be when the driver says this: ohci1394_0: Waking dma ctx=2 ... processing is probably too slow
Udo Wolter (Guest)Thu Mar-28-02 08:28 AM
by uwp
2914650 ---
Importing AVI File [Video Problems] [View all]
I have a digital camera that saves video files as AVI. I import smaller file sizes and Kino has no problem importing and converting them to DV. howeve
jlimbagaMon Apr-16-07 05:42 AM
by ddennedy
2614442 ---
fade problems with suse 10.0 on x68_64 [View all]
Hy I use suse 10.0 on x68_64 and i have problems with fade. I have compiled kino 0.7.6, timfx 0.2.2 and dvtitler 0.2.0. But when i will fade kino c
Mike (Guest)Sat Dec-17-05 11:52 AM
by Ralf
2212828 ---
Support for large files
What follows are my experiences in using very large files -- the grabbing works, the playing is getting there -- and a question about kino's support f
David Liontooth (Guest)Thu Jul-25-02 12:43 PM
by ddennedy
1914633 ---
How close to multitrack?
Well, I'm now using Kino to rough my independant film, and for that purpose, it is fabulous, by far a quite stable little piece of software - far more
Lokmer (Guest)Fri Dec-06-02 04:17 AM
by Lokmer
1811480 ---
Mandrake 8.2 Segmentation Fault
Stock kino segfaults upon start in Mandrake 8.2. Just wanted to see if anyone here had the stock version working before I go out and recompile it? th
red (Guest)Fri Apr-12-02 06:31 AM
by Luca Olivetti
1513280 ---
Pops/clicks in Kino/dvgrab files
I have it pretty bad with audio artifacts in all files captured by kino or dvgrab. There are very audible pops and clicks, everywhere. I'll describe t
videotSun Oct-20-02 11:03 AM
by jmsurpri
1511612 ---
Major bug in 0.6.3
First off, let me say that the new features in 0.6.3 are very nice and quite useful. That said, there is a major problem with Xvideo performance (a
Lokmer (Guest)Mon Feb-10-03 06:09 PM
by Lokmer
1511972 ---
DV file import in Kino
I use Kino to capture from my DVs and capture it in quicktime for linux. I Edit using Cinelerra and render with the following settings Fileforma
mettavihariSun May-27-07 05:22 PM
by mettavihari
1514882 ---
Kino 0.5 problem
Hi! I just installed Kino 0.5 on my box. I am running 2.4.12 on a SuSE 7.1 system and a Voodoo3. The Soundcard is a ES1370 compatible using the ALSA d
Aschwin (Guest)Mon Dec-03-01 11:24 AM
by BenoitDV
1412985 ---
gscanbus works fine, but kino crashed (canon MV30i)
Hi, I can control the tape mechanism using gscanbus pretty fine (canon MV30i) . But kino crashed directly after one or two transport control operatio
bookerSat Aug-10-02 04:05 AM
by booker
1414496 ---
trying to Compile kino on RedHat Beta (null)
Has anyone been successful in compiling kino on RedHat Beta Null? Here is the error I get: g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I.. -I../intl -I/usr/inclu
Bill Peck (Guest)Fri Sep-27-02 04:42 PM
by lilo_booter
1414001 ---
Some news about exporting via dazzle hollywood bridge??
Hi, I'm still not able to export via the analog outputs of the hollywood bridge :( Was anybody sucessful in this concern? I hope so :)
bookerThu Dec-05-02 06:37 PM
by booker
1412477 ---
DV Titler updated! :-)
Hello: This new version is still alpha, but has some bugs fixed and some new features, like moving the title from/to out screen, the possiblity to ad
alsierraWed Jan-22-03 12:47 PM
by Stacey Campbell
1412261 ---
export is not working for me
Hi. I am using Kino 0.7.6 in a Mandiva 2006 setup. Capture worked flawlessly from my camera, but when I want to export the video to mpeg, nothing is g
R-dish (Guest)Tue Oct-31-06 02:03 PM
by krisbee
1414282 ---
Kino doesn't see kinoplus
I want to start by thanking all the developers of Kino and its' plugins. Even with my old computer (AMD Duron 900 MHz) video editing is just plain fun
Arto (Guest)Sun Jul-30-06 09:20 PM
by ruby
1412844 ---
can't export sound to camcorder
Hi, When I add a soundtrack (with MainActor) and then export the movie back to the camcorder (with Kino) the soundtrack disappears and only the or
jayWed May-15-02 07:00 PM
by Volker
1312994 ---
Getting dvgrab/kino/MainActor working (as of last week)
[I posted this over at the Linux support board, but thought it may be of interest here too.] I've just jumped through flaming hoops t
Stacey Campbell (Guest)Fri Aug-23-02 02:02 PM
by Stacey Campbell
1313527 ---
Something Magick This Way Comes....
Hi, I know this is premature but I would appreciate anyone using the kino CVS to update - I've added a bunch of new functionality which just needs a
lilo_booterTue Jul-16-02 07:53 AM
by jay
1312869 ---
Problems getting Kino to work with DV-out
I have been trying for a couple of weeks - on & off - to get Kino 0.51 (compiled from source) to output DV to my Canon MV500i. I repeatedly have probl
Martin Knott (Guest)Sat Sep-28-02 06:24 AM
by David Liontooth
1312450 ---
capture problems with 0.5.1
I've recently installed kino 0.51.(from sid(unstable) repository) my system: Linux flipper 2.4.19-k7 #1 Thu Aug 8 23:19:38 EST 2002 i686 unknown unkn
Rolando (Guest)Sat Sep-21-02 03:02 PM
by lilo_booter
1312900 5
Large AVIs to DVD
I have been trying to capture a 1 hour dv tape and transfer to DVD. I have been having limited success, but I am having a problem with large video s
Bob (Guest)Tue Nov-12-02 12:27 PM
by Bob
1313850 ---
Can't open video files
Sorry if this is a newb question. I've searched the forums, but haven't found an an answer... I can't seem to open any video files. I different err
Ben (Guest)Wed Jan-04-06 05:56 PM
by Mettavihari
1314795 ---
kino 0.8.0 crashes on capture
Hi: I am trying to capture a video from my dvdrecorder. I try with raw dv and works ok but when i try to capture with dv avi type 2 or type 1 allw
jkarpago (Guest)Sun Jun-18-06 08:25 AM
by emmanuel
1312920 ---
ffmpeg VOB: Invalid value '1' for option 'ildct' ??
I'm using yesterday's cvs 1.3.3, trying to export a VOB though ffmpeg. I get this error: Invalid value '1' for option 'ildct' **ERROR: [mplex] Una
seandarcyMon May-11-09 04:33 AM
by trevorNC
1316969 ---
No image, no sound & 10000 frame limit (both solved)
Hi, Recently, I borrowed a Canon MV 310 from a friend of mine and captured some DVs using a Pinnacle Studio DV in Microsoft Windows 98. Due to severa
Hugo Leote (Guest)Tue Apr-02-02 04:25 AM
by madsdyd
1212615 ---
sigsegv on fx rendering
Hi all, first of all - nice program! However, kino crashes upon my attempt to render an overwrite-image-fx (any, not a plugin failure! they are dump
pigpen (Guest)Wed Sep-25-02 08:34 PM
by lilo_booter
1212885 ---
Problems with the viewer
Hi, I've changed video card from an integrated nVidia to a 9550 ATI. I suppose I've correctely configured this new one (but, who exactly knows...)
Gianluca (Guest)Wed Dec-07-05 11:40 AM
by ddennedy
1211651 ---
Kino audio garbled and .dv file sizes limited to 800 MB
Hi: I am using Kino 0.7.5 with Ubuntu Breezy. I can import video but: 1) On playback the sound is always garbled so as to be incomprehensible
GMachine_24 (Guest)Thu May-04-06 01:01 PM
by ddennedy
1212536 ---
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