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I have closed the forums to new postings because there was not enough discussion, I answered nearly all the questions, and I no longer work on Kino. Please use the forums provided by your Linux distribution. Meanwhile, I will leave this open in read-only mode to serve as a knowledge base.

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Top Linux Digital Video dvgrab
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dvgrab 3.5 configure error -- No package 'libraw1394' found
Ubuntu 9.04 If I do a 'find' it seems to find it OK: ----- find . -type f -name "libraw1394*" ./usr /lib/ .2.0 ./var/lib/dpkg /
taaSun Mar-28-10 03:59 AM015095 ---
dvgrab not grabbing dv
I just put this on launchpad but now I find this forum it clearly should be here. Any help appreciated as I have spent way too long on this. Something
geoff07Wed Feb-24-10 07:43 AM
by geoff07
213846 ---
dvgrab controle works but does not capture
Hello, in first sorry if I made some language faults, english is not my native language. I have a problem to capture HDV with my Canon HV10. I can
GoldyTue Feb-23-10 09:05 PM
by Goldy
213481 ---
About monitoring recording status in console mode
first of all, thank you for making great tool like this. I am usually using interactive mode for real-time recording because there always occurr
k-parkMon Feb-15-10 02:27 PM010526 ---
choppy sound
I'm trying to convert my family's old home videos to digital. and I'm getting good quality picture however; the sound is choppy. http://www.youtub
llopnessTue Feb-02-10 12:19 AM
by llopness
211975 ---
IR DMA error - packet too long for buffer
Hi, OS : opensuse 11.2 camera : sony HDR-HC7 dvgrab : 3.4 the modules loaded : lsmod | grep 1394 dv1394 23720 0 raw1394
alkhanMon Feb-01-10 06:37 AM
by ddennedy
111839 ---
Firewire Samsung VP-D590i DV camera not detected
Hi all guys :-) , I have a problem with my Firewire Samsung VP-D590i DV camera. Using dvgrab my camera where not detected. I posted this message
merlosMon Dec-14-09 05:04 PM
by ddennedy
215414 ---
dvgrab on opensuse 11.0
hello, I'm french and apologize for my english. I have the following problem, and will be very grateful for every hep from a dvgrab guru. I h
hdlbqMon Sep-14-09 07:15 AM
by hdlbq
214257 ---
AV/C works however no video is captured.
Software Info: ubuntu 9.04 amd64 2.6.28-15-gen eric dvgrab 3.2 kino 1.3.0 Hardware Info: 04:03.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Agere Systems FW323 (rev
dr grimwarSat Sep-05-09 05:03 AM
by dr grimwar
413718 ---
dvgrab and Canopus ADVC-55
Hi, I am trying to get a capture from a Canopus ADVC-55 working; I have an analog camera connected to the Canopus and I would like to capture it's
nesciviMon Jul-13-09 05:36 AM
by sparks
317101 ---
Segmentation Fault
Hi, Im tring to capture DV with a Samsung scd103 with dvgrab and I keep getting a "Segmentation fault" error, this is what it outputs lxuser@li nux-
BlackroseSun Jul-12-09 09:31 PM
by ddennedy
215357 ---
dvgrab from multiple camcoders in the same time
Hi! I have a Sony and a Canon camcoder, and I use dvgrab 1.7. Both camcoders are plugged in using firewire. How do I tell dvgrab to start grabbing
Peter Szabo (Guest)Sun Jun-14-09 06:08 AM
by anubis4d
616276 ---
mac support
Is there any method for running dvgrab in a Mac OS X environment? Dave
dericedSun Jun-14-09 04:26 AM
by ddennedy
113665 ---
dvgrab in a script
I've written a bash script for capturing with dvgrab. I use it to capture 6 streams on one machine at a time. I've written a huge script that checks
markjwillSun May-10-09 06:00 AM
by ddennedy
113927 ---
dvgrab vs. kino
I recorded a wedding video. I captured it with: dvgrab -autosplit -format dv2 wedding- and it worked beautifully. For technical reasons, I moved th
JJCSun May-10-09 05:55 AM
by ddennedy
113552 ---
I'm very new to ubuntu and am attempting to use cinelerra as my editing program. I have an hdv camera and want to import my footage into cinelerra.
lillianfidlerSat Apr-11-09 04:50 AM
by ddennedy
113159 ---
Error capture
For the first time I use dvgrab ( before windows user, now I "try" ubuntu), and now I discover problem, after some time of capture I had error : #
komir2004Sun Mar-29-09 09:29 AM011770 ---
a script to start dvgrab
friends, I am attempting to write a script . a linux shell script that would start dvgrab capture a qt dv named as the current time and stop
zimbotTue Mar-10-09 06:39 AM
by ddennedy
313669 ---
Using dvgrab to retreive metadata for hdv [View all]
Hi, is it possible to use dvgrab to retreive not only the capture date (which is great) but also an index of some sort for each files that wou
spatryThu Feb-26-09 11:41 PM011541 ---
Unable to capture: Error: No DV
Hi I'm trying to capture from a JVC camcorder on a Debian unstable system using a stock 2.6.26 kernel. I get the following: /data/ av# dvgrab st
mrfelixuMon Jan-12-09 05:48 AM
by ddennedy
113696 ---
dvgrab not adding .dv extension
Using dvgrab-3.2-1.fc10.i3 86 on Fedora 10, with this command line: dvgrab -autosplit -format raw -interactive -timestamp xmas-2008- I got these
seandarcyFri Jan-02-09 02:48 AM
by ddennedy
113033 ---
programmatically extracting data from dvgrab
Hi there, I'm trying to get live video from a canon HV20 into a system my research group has written that does SLAM (simultaneous localization and
alexSun Dec-21-08 07:13 AM
by ddennedy
112520 ---
Errors installing dvgrab 3.2
hi, I'm new to Linux and totally learning as I go, so hopefully this is easy... I am trying install the newest version of dvgrab. This is my first
markjwillWed Dec-17-08 04:29 PM
by markjwill
415370 ---
grab 2nd stereo track in 12bit 32kHz mode...?
In found this post from 2002: http://www.kinodv.or g/dcforum/dcforum?az =show_topic&forum=10 2&topic_id=438&mesg_ id=438 I'm hoping things have imp
torpWed Dec-17-08 06:52 AM
by ddennedy
314640 ---
Making a DVGRAB capture BOX
hi people, I want to make a PC that automatically starts/stop recording from DV, and Im actually working on bottons conected to lp1 port, Im plannin
anubis4dMon Dec-08-08 04:59 AM
by ddennedy
113247 ---
minor dvgrab 3.2 bug?
Hello, I just tried dvgrab 3.2, I've been using 3.0 pretty extensively previously. I've noticed that if I run dvgrab -a -t -f dv2 tape01- dvgrab
specThu Nov-20-08 06:31 AM
by ddennedy
113010 ---
High-definition camera compatibility
I want to ask which high-definition cameras, either HDV or AVCHD, can be used for live video streaming using dvgrab. Does the Sony HDR-HC5/7/9 and the
mac-10Tue Sep-23-08 06:47 AM
by ddennedy
415166 ---
dvgrab 3.0, HDV from Canon HV20, weird output
Hi all, First, thanks for dvgrab, an excellent tool. I used it as follows for capturing HDV stream from my Canon HV20 : dvgrab --autosplit --form
samuelSun Sep-07-08 05:56 PM
by ddennedy
318984 ---
How Do I Redirect Output
I am using dvgrab and a Canon HV20 in a shell script to dump a short length of video to a file. Each time I run the script, I get a boatload of debug
freedomicsSat Aug-30-08 04:42 AM
by ddennedy
113792 ---
dvgrab --stdin skips frames at random
I am using dvgrab version 2.1 on Slackware Linunx 12.1 Kernel 2.6.24. The video is normal dv (one frame 144000 bytes). When I copy a piece of
carla_schWed Aug-27-08 12:26 AM
by ddennedy
113627 ---
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