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[Ed. This was submitted in May 2003, but it was overlooked, so I wanted to post this since the user has such an enthusiastic success story. :-) ]
Red Hat 9 - JVC GR-DV3000U, Pyro ADS firewire card

I just wanted to let the rest of the linux world know, that a newbie managed to start from; none to little knowledge of linux to a complete 3d gaming/ video editing LINUX Box.

It took me a little while to get Kino and the ieee1394 card up and running. But now it is! And it's amazing!

My system:

RedHat 9
AMD 1700xp
512 DDR
Gforce 4 mx440 SE
ADS Pyro BasicDV ieee1394
30 and 16 gig Hard Drives
19" NEC Monitor

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