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Hi there!!

My name is Jorge Pinto and I live in Portugal, in a small sicty whose name is Agueda.

I am a student of electronics and already working on microcontrolers programed in C.. and someday, I hope to use uCLinux :-)

Well, I also enjoy doing video, audio, photo.. I belong to a cultural association - - and I am doing some video recording and post editing.

I use Kino to capture from my DV cam.. after I use Cinelerra..

With my Cinelerra instalation, I can't render video to DV avi.. so, sometimes I use Kino for simple cuting, editing :-)

I am very happy with Kino, Cinelerra, Gimp, Audacity, terminatorX, etc.. I use this programs for doing some multimedia on Linux :-)

Well, I am been thankful for using Kino :-) Thank you all.

Cheers from Portugal.


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